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Northrop Grumman Security Coordinator 2 (Clearance Required) in Chandler, Arizona



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Position Description:

Subject needs to have a solid foundation and understanding of how to correctly follow NG procedures pertaining to security operations. Provide administrative support to the Security Manager and Security Coordinator 4. The selected candidate should thrive in a fast-paced work environment with high expectations, significantly diverse assignments, collaborative/team settings across all requirements.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• New hire orientation while working in conjugation with Human Resources. Capture photos, from new hire, to LTVs, to create or update laminates/badges for all employees located at the Chandler site.

• Planning the required backgrounds/prerequisites to enter the facility for the onboarding process and first day orientation, subject creates and manages all on-boarding data, practicing data management by generating new soft copy folders of all new hires that will follow them their whole career employed.

• Manage the whole process of generating/processing Long Term Visitor Badge(s). Upon proper completion of Northrop Grumman required Form(s) pertaining to acquiring a picture badge, oversees all needed documentation is filled out properly while meeting NGIS compliance. Subject creates, manages, and stores respective Long Term Visitor(s) (LTV) data in allotted areas, following record management/handling protocols. Updates excel logs and LTV request forms; while also working in partnership with NG Admins, LSG Training, and site security officers to revalidate expiring badges.

• Prepare Visitor Authorization Request(s) (VAR), submittals to gather and enters incoming and outgoing VARs into their respective logs; on the daily clearing out expired requests and managing current ones.

• Manages and handles departing employees files/records; properly updating/notating both direct and contingent employees that have either transferred/ or had their contract/employment terminated with the company. Subject marks off required checklists to ensure subject is clean/clear of access/programs that are no longer pertaining or needed by departed employees. All equipment is then either handed over or gathered.

• Manages/handles/guides current employees on the proper NGIS guidelines and protocols when it is pertaining to Foreign Travel. Subject informs either verbally or via email the correct steps to ensure NGIS employees in SAP/SCI programs report foreign travel to proper authoritative personnel who are required to fully know of the travel. The purpose being, to safeguard not just the employee but all company classified or proprietary information.

• Assists and helps process individuals at Northrop Grumman who are in need of fingerprinting to obtain a clearance within the company.

• Assist in the process of creating and the hand-over of all badges once generated; working heavily with site security officers to ensure the correct badges or laminates are made.

• Current Gilbert and Chandler NGIS employees in need of photo passes or photo badges; submit the required forms C-648A or C-648B to evaluate, instruct and process the documentation to create the photo pass badge for employees. Update the logs on file to validate or support those in possession on the badges.

Job Category : Security